Precision End Face Grinder

LJ-300E series CNC surface grinding machine is suitable for precision blade processing, the disk diameter is about φ300 mm, can produce diversified, multi-size blade.

Humanized Institutional Configuration

  • Designed for operator's safety, the workpiece can be manipulated in the visual range, operator and wheel settle at right angles, easy to removal of the workpiece and easy to operate as well.

Wheel Spindle Safety Mechanism

  • High rigidity of the wheel spindle, use the special dynamic pressure bearing three point support at both end side, when forced lubrication pressure is not enough, the wheel spindle automatically stop running, to ensure the spindle life and accuracy.

Diversified Workpiece

  • The A6 nose spindle, the flange plate can be matched with the disk, the three jaw chuck or the clamp with a variety of clamping methods. Also, can be rotated by ± 45 °, suitable for 1m/m ~ 100m/m end grinding, such as 3 jaw chuck's outer diameter end face.


Grinding Capability
Max Grinding Length250mm
Max Grinding Diameter300mm
Max Grinding Weight100kg
Heights of Center210mm
Grinding Wheel Sizeφ355×25~50×φ152.4(101.6)
Grinding Wheel Speed1500,1700 RPM
Max Grinding Linear Velocity45M/S
Min Movement of Wheelhead0.005mm
Work Spindle
Spindle Speed40~360RPM
Spindle Swing Angle±45°
Spindle TaperMT#4(5)
Worktable Stroke300mm
Max Table Moving Speed5000mm/min
Table Swing Angle9° 4°
Machine Size
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)225x195x155
Machine Net Weight2300kg


  • Grinding Wheel and Flange
  • Dressing Attachment
  • Balance Arbor
  • Cooling Water Tank
  • Coolant Splash Guard
  • Tool Box
  • Work Lamp


  • Coolant Filter (Magnetic Type)
  • Coolant Filter (Fabric Type) and Paper Roll
  • 3-Jaw Chuck and Flange
  • Grinding Wheel Flange
  • Wheel Balancing Base
  • Z Asix Optical Scale
  • Two Point Steady Rest
  • Driving Carrier
  • Round Permanent Magnetic Chuck
  • Electromagnetic Holder